Skill Ray Mechanic Dragon Nest

Ray Mechanic.png
As you're able see in this video above that Ray Mechanic can provide lots of problems on the enemies. Confidence me, I don’t use a legend equipment at all. I just wearing one group of unique equipment level 93 which I’ll clarify in equipment department below.

When it relates to Dragon Nest Rey Mechanic (in person form), the only thing for you to do is gathering 5 pockets called Atomic Electrical power, and you may use the special Atomic Sharp edge skill (almost just like the Warrior’s Lunar Dark night ultimate skill). While in the Alfredo Frontier type, you have to use your current skills as soon as possible before the Plasma extends to 30 bubbles. When it happens, you can’t use some of main skills anymore, except the Plasma Boost and Satellite Hug you (your ultimate skill).

Upgrade: When the sport has reached amount cap 95, you can unlock the school mastery III involving Stun Grenade in addition to Multiplier. This skill isn't an instant, it’s just like a link. When you heave the Stun Grenade with the enemies, and operate the Multiplier skill straight away, then the lasers could automatically aim that the enemies which gives bigger damage.

So, if you decided to use a fighting style, you'll be able to use my skill tree to boot.

Surely there is not a awakening skill to get Ray Mechanic, and the construtor also stated they can won’t create it for virtually every spin-off class.
10/17/2017 08:55:37
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