Dagashi Kashi is basically a show featuring different kinds of Japanese snacks

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Dagashi Kashi is actually a show featuring different varieties of Japanese snacks and candies and light-hearted comedy and a few fanservice.

The plot sections about his mother wanting him to have success the candy shop to make sure that he could succeed in Hotaru's corporation made little importance to your show (the previous 2 eps), therefore, the Anime has not many Story and are generally focused more relating to the snacks, candies, together with gags.

The Characters are generally good. Hotaru is kind of an interesting ball of one's and weirdness and Kokonotsu's father and tend to be balanced by better normal (but not necessarily boring) Kokonotsu together with Saya. Tou, Kokonotsu's supporter, was the guy concerning, a little weird and then a little normal. So altogether, the Dagashi Kashi character design are generally almost perfectly corresponding to one another and made the following show comical together with amusing.

The art work is amazing, nevertheless what caught my own attention were their own eyes, while in various Anime these days the location where the eyes are largish, Dagashi Kashi did the contrary, which is precisely what pulled me inside watching it in the beginning.

Overall, I would say it's good, if you will be the type who would like a good play. Personally, this is my weekly method to obtain entertainment when it was eventually still ongoing together with I was always looking towards it.
10/26/2017 15:25:18
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